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I recieved an email to re-setup my scripts, why do I need to do this?

We have made some major changes to Cut and Paste Scripts in the last few weeks. Doing this now means in the future we can add new scripts within days. Once you set-up your scripts again you will not need to do it again.

When using Cut and Paste Scripts I keep getting a '500 Internal Server Error'. What did I do wrong?

In most cases you did nothing wrong. You should not get a error like this if you have a new account (set-up after the 20 December 1999). The error is caused by our old database which wasn't very good. We are now upgrading all databases, but this is taking time. So, if you do keep getting a error, use the 'Setup/Edit New Script' option in the edit menu on all the scripts you use. This will upgrade your account.
Is this service really free? Yes, of course. But it comes with no support and is use at your own risk.

What happens to the information I submit?

Any information you submit is held for our use only, it is never given to any other companys.

Can I use my own scripts, as I don't have access to a cgi bin?

Currently No.

My password/username is rejected by the Member Login, Why?

When you signed up you should have recieved an email, with information about Cut and Paste Scripts, in this is your username/password. When logining in, make sure the username/password have the correct captial letter. For example, if you username was MyName, if you type in myname this will be rejected. Check you email for the correct settings of capital letters.

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